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Nicole Bernardo, Coach and Speaker at nicolebernardo.com

Nicole Bernardo"Schuyler helped me so much with clarifying my target market. After our deep dive together, I realized that I was putting all my eggs in the wrong basket — I changed my niche after our work together, and it has made all the difference financially. Schuyler helped me get unstuck in so many ways, and he never rushed me — he always seemed to hear what I wasn’t saying — and that allowed me to grow and expand rapidly as a entrepreneur and as a person. I highly recommend working with him."

Yollana Shore, Coach & Teacher at Heart of Business

Yollana Shore"Schuyler is masterful at weaving the authentic and transformational power of stories into marketing. He brings a fresh and inspirational approach in The Power of Stories with straightforward exercises to show you how to use "your story" to bring heart to your marketing and purpose to your work."

Holly Woods, Owner at Holly Woods Coaching

Holly Testimonial Pic"I gained some insights and ideas from Schuyler in this one-hour phone call that I hadn’t gained from taking several other courses- including a guest blogging course from the king of blogging and a marketing course from an online diva. Schuyler’s emphasis on making your work tangible and useful for people really hit home for me. I know exactly what the next thing on my to do list needs to be. Schuyler is a very real, kind and thoughtful person who’s decided that helping people create their business branding from their stories is a worthwhile endeavor. Lucky for us. Don’t miss this chance to talk to Schuyler."

Camille Roberts, Owner of CC Career Services

Camille's Testimonial Picture"Schuyler has a unique way to help you find clarity, draw new insights, and make you accountable with diplomacy and compassion. He is patient and has a unique perspective that makes you think."

Jill Michalsky, Co-Founder of the LatticeWorks Dance Collective

Jill's Testimonial Picture"If I’m completely honest, when we first started working together I wasn’t fully sure of my mission or my ability to make it happen. The work we did on my story helped me find deeper meaning in my passion for dance and my role in bringing it to the world. When things did come up you had a way to troubleshoot my problems… always asking questions I hadn’t asked myself and then helping me work through those to get clearer on what was truly important. After our sessions I always felt 100% better! I appreciate how you were able to draw on my dance expertise… you didn’t know my industry, but you were still able to help me communicate all this through my online presence in a way that had people responding. The whole experience was very professional and a supportive environment. I never felt awkward about reaching out between sessions for help or feedback. Your responses felt generous and thoughtful. I will always appreciate the time and energy you spent working with me, and will continue to use the tools you taught me to more forward with my dance company!"

Mary Choo, Owner at InnerAnswers

MaryChooTestimonial"I can honestly say this has been one of the most helpful sessions I have had in getting focused and clear on how to develop a web presence for my work. The session really helped me focus and let go of the online resources that I don’t need. I appreciated Schuyler’s encouraging and non-judgmental attitude. He made me feel I was being heard. If you are looking for focus and clarity in finding the resources you need to write a great story that people will love, I highly recommend you book this session with Schuyler today."

Erin O’Brien, Owner of Activate 28

Erin Testimonial Pic"Schuyler’s been helping me with my website. But it’s more than just words — he’s helping me define my story. When I shared my long rambling About page, he cut through the waffle. Like a laser, he got to the important parts: “So, these are the three key points I’m hearing. Is that what you’re meaning? And how does that relate to your customer?” Then he would ask the tough questions that really made me get clear on my purpose. Although he asks tough questions, he always delivered them gently. I discovered that when writing my own story, it’s really REALLY hard to be objective. Having the input of Schuyler made the process a lot more enjoyable. And my webcopy is much stronger because of him."

Ann Brown, Owner at Happy Being You

AnnBrown Testimonail Pic"Schuyler, I love the way you skillfully take us (as listeners)  through a mini fact-finding journey via many different aspects of our personal history, asking questions that I never would have considered to be relevant. Leaving lots of long pauses, so giving us plenty of time to think, you showed us how these different elements enable us to craft a really compelling story, that we can powerfully stand in to bring our message out to the world (and attract our best clients !). One little nugget I came away with from your learning series - I want to be remembered as the ‘Sensitive Woman’s Authenticity Coach’! You bring such clarity to the free learning series, I can’t wait to join the full live course!"

Lin Shlonsky, Owner of New York Hypnotherapy and Meditation

Lin Testimoinial Pic"This course exceeded my expectations. I thought I would just end up with a story on my “about me” page, and ended up with a whole new clarity about my purpose and the clients I wanted to work with. It has already made a big difference for my business. Just going through the course exercises made it easier for me to talk to my clients even before I had finished my story. It really came together for me in the last class. Putting all the pieces together to create a story that helps me better identify with my ideal client – just two days after I changed my website copy I got a call from a customer who is a perfect fit. I appreciate Schuyler’s ability to create a safe environment for me to remember my past and overcome any resistance I had. It really touched so many parts of my life helping me grow personally as well as professionally."

Lisa Patten, Owner at Dandelion Communications

LisaPattenPic"Schuyler listens to what is needed and draws from his experience and education in the social media arena to develop results that get the job done. Specifically, he is a quick learner, energetic, and hardworking. Schuyler is also very flexible and eager to take on new challenges. It is worth your while to share yours with him so you can get the results you need from your social media/online branding efforts."

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  • ~ Camille Roberts, Owner of CC Career Services

    Camille's Testimonial Picture"Schuyler has a unique way to help you find clarity, draw new insights, and make you accountable with diplomacy and compassion. He is patient and has a unique perspective that makes you think."

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