Shine a Light on Your Brand

Time to use your Personal Brand as a Tool

You’ve heard it all before… LinkedIn this… Twitter that… YouTube whoTube… Shine a Light On Your Brand

Let’s be honest, you probably haven’t checked your Facebook in a week, a month… what six months?

You think LinkedIn is an online resume?

You probably have a Twitter account with less than 80 followers and have one tweet – “Heeeellllooo Twitter!”

Do you feel like you SHOULD be using social media, but just don’t have the time to get it done?

Do you see people posting videos of their dog singing Rolling In the Deep and ask yourself, “How the HECK does this apply to my career???”

Remember the last time you were at one of those fancy-schmancy networking events? You had a connection with that guy who seemed interested in That-Really-Cool-Thing that you do. So you gave him your card with aspirations of meeting up again…

… Only problem is that 38 OTHER PEOPLE gave him their card that night, and he FORGOT which one was yours!

But that’s OKAY! He’s most likely going to take those cards and connect with everyone on LinkedIn.

ooooOOOOHHHH NOOOOO!! Your LinkedIn profile looks like your resume. There is no way he’s going to remember how AWESOME your Really-Cool-Thing was.

T4Execs’ customized Make-Your-Impact-On-The-World-By-Shining-A-Light-On-Your-Brand package has helped people turn LOST opportunities into HOOK… LINE… and SINKER success stories.

Here’s how it works:

Teaches you that having a good story is the BEST way to be remembered. Don’t believe me?

What’s the ONLY man made object you can see from space???

… It turns out the Man on the Moon does NOT have a view of the Great Wall of China…. It’s like 15 feet wide. Seriously — Think about it… How wide is your house?

What’s my point?

Well someone told a good story. You REMEMBERED it… You BELIEVED it… And it was COMPLETELY FALSE!

(I know… CRAZY. But don’t feel bad for being duped by this “fish tale”. When I found out, I was shocked like a kid who dropped his ice cream hook, line and sinker to the ground!)

That’s the power of a good story. Think of what it can do for you.

Your customized package could include any or all of the following:

  • Your Great-Wall-of-China Story so no one EVER forgets you.
  • A Social Media ACTION Plan that SELLS your story better than YOU can. No, really! You only have a few minutes to share your story. When they find you online, they’ll be drawn into hours of getting to know your AWESOMENESS.
  • An Online Networking Plan to connect with potential clients or industry experts that might be hard to reach in person.
  • A Bio that makes people say, “I can’t wait to meet…”
  • Network Coaching – learn how to tell the story YOU WANT regardless of the questions asked.
  • And more…

Are you prepared to get MORE out of the fancy-schmancy networking events?

Ready to turn those lost clients into $$$$$ CLIENTS?

It’s time to take your hard-earned brand with you WHEREVER you go.

If you want to take your career from garage brand to ROCK STARDOM…

…then here’s whatchya need to do:

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6. Start taking steps… Correction… LEEEAAAPS toward Rock Stardom.

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Schuyler Kaye – Online Branding Expert

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Client Testimonials

  • ~ Jill Michalsky, Co-Founder of the LatticeWorks Dance Collective

    Jill's Testimonial Picture"If I’m completely honest, when we first started working together I wasn’t fully sure of my mission or my ability to make it happen. The work we did on my story helped me find deeper meaning in my passion for dance and my role in bringing it to the world. When things did come up you had a way to troubleshoot my problems… always asking questions I hadn’t asked myself and then helping me work through those to get clearer on what was truly important. After our sessions I always felt 100% better! I appreciate how you were able to draw on my dance expertise… you didn’t know my industry, but you were still able to help me communicate all this through my online presence in a way that had people responding. The whole experience was very professional and a supportive environment. I never felt awkward about reaching out between sessions for help or feedback. Your responses felt generous and thoughtful. I will always appreciate the time and energy you spent working with me, and will continue to use the tools you taught me to more forward with my dance company!"

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