Jump Start Your Change

Jump Start Your Career Change

Time for a Career Change?

Do you DREAD Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays…

Are you working your BUTT OFF at “I-Don’t-Love-My-Job” company?

Feel like you should be doing MORE with your talents?

Is a career CHANGE knock knock knocking at your door?

(Bob Dylan Style…)

Maybe your project is ending? Or your company is laying people off, and you’re worried you might be next?

Looking to explore a new career, but don’t know how to apply your existing talents?

OR … your boss is just CRAZY and it’s time for a CHANGE?

You KNOW you need to do something about it, but WHERE DO YOU FIND THE TIME???

T4Execs’ has customized a Career-Change-Is-In-The-Air-And-You’re-Going-To-Take-Advantage-Of-It package has helped numerous people turn bad situations into GREAT OPPORTUNITIES.

Here’s how it works:

Teaches you that having a good story that leverages your experience is 90% MORE likely to be remembered by employers than the average resume or cover letter.

What’s the ONLY man made object you can see from space???

… It turns out the Man on the Moon does NOT have a view of the Great Wall of China…. It’s like 15 feet wide. Seriously — Think about it… How wide is your house?

What’s my point?

Well someone told a good story. You REMEMBERED it… You BELIEVED it… And it was COMPLETELY FALSE!

(I know… CRAZY. But don’t feel bad for being duped. When I found out, I was shocked like a kid who dropped his ice cream on the ground!)

That’s the power of a good story. Think of what it can do for you.

Did you know that over 70% of companies search for their man… or woman… online? Now-a-days you can almost GUARANTEE they will GOOOOGLE your A$$ before you can say…

… “I wish I had asked Schuyler to create a customized package for me!”

Well ask away, grasshopper!

Your customized package could include any or all of the following:

  • Your Great-Wall-of-China Story so no one EVER forgets you.
  • A Social Media ACTION Plan to reeeeeaach out and touch companies with a LOUD & CLEAR message.
  • An Online Networking Plan that will increase… and by increase I mean EXPONENTIALLY increase…your chances of meeting that one person who can give you an “in”.
  • A MEMORABLE resume and cover letter. They’re still going to want to see this. Make sure it ROCKS!
  • Interview Coaching – learn how to tell the story YOU WANT, regardless of the questions asked.
  • And more…

Do you want a career change, but don’t know how to make the change safely?

Are you tired of your job and ready to move on?

Or do you NEED to find a new job soon due to factors outside of your control?

If you can relate to any of theses situations, then… 



You will have an online presence that companies are LISTENING to within two short months.

You’ll learn what it takes to be that person…  who has to BEAT companies off with a stick… and you’re going to need a HUUUUUUGGGE stick!

T4Execs shows you how to apply PROVEN branding techniques that have been around for decades to the technology of TODAY.

Unlike Garth Brooks, you’ll have friends in HIGH places.

You’ll find your next position in HALF the time it might take you otherwise. Most clients have even had to choose between multiple offers within a few months of Jump Starting their career Change.

If this sounds up your alley,

Then here’s whatchya need to do:

1. Click the “Book Your FREE 50-Minute Consultation” button below.

2. This will take you to a scheduling page.

3. Choose a 50-minute window that works for you.

4. Enter your contact information so I can reach you.

5. You will receive an email within 48 hours confirming your appointment.

6. Start taking steps… Correction… LEEEAAAPS toward finding your next job at “I-LOVE-My-Job” company.

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Schuyler Kaye – Online Branding Expert

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Client Testimonials

  • ~ Lauren Martin, Consultant at RGS Associates, Inc.

    LaurenMartinPic"Schuyler is a highly creative, enthusiastic thinker who is always eager to share new and interesting ideas, and put them into motion. He is not afraid to think outside of the box, or express new ways forward or tactics to get the job done. He is extremely reliable, delivering high quality and fresh ideas and deliverables in a timely and efficient matter. Schuyler is an individual that brings new and improved strategies to the team, and consistently works to carry them out successfully as well."

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