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Using Your Compass to Navigate the Online Wilderness that Your Customers Live In

Today you, as a small business owner, have more options and opportunities to reach your customers than ever before. On the positive side, you can reach customers down the street, or half way around the globe from your living room. You can enjoy the benefit of focusing on your specialization, since people no longer need to walk by your business in order to find you. In fact, you don’t even need to be awake to connect with your customers.

The bad news is that with all these options, it can leave you feeling completely overwhelmed, figuring out which customers are right for your business. Many small businesses start out by borrowing ideas from various marketing tactics or copying things they like from friends or competitors, while others take marketing or branding classes or others reach out for one-on-one help.

The trouble is that many times these approaches don’t work for your business. If they are successful, you spend a great deal of time on them. Only no matter how good you get – you still feel drained, working harder and longer – questioning if you are really making a difference in the world anymore.

The state of being overwhelmed can feel a lot like being lost in the wilderness. Unsure of what direction to take, scared you might run out of supplies, or worse yet that if you stop tracking your customers for one single minute, your business might die out here.

But you don’t have to bury your head in the smattering of maps created from all these marketing approaches. What you really need isn’t an 18th century map with the trails drawn by people who don’t know You, don’t know Your business, and don’t know where You’re meant to go…

You’re working really hard to make that difference in the world… and feel you can make it – if only you can attract the right customers without being overwhelmed.

Well, you can and here’s how you do it.

Purpose Compass Helps You to Use Your Compass to Attract More of the “Right” Customers

Imagine you’ve created something brilliant and you are embarking on a journey to share it with the world.  Well to avoid the pitfalls and obstacles that occur in business, you need to accomplish three things on your journey:

One: Find Your Compass

You need a compass, and by compass I mean you need to get clear on your purpose. It starts with exploring your past and how it connects to your business. And ends with having a deep understanding of who your customer is and the struggles that you’re helping them overcome.

Once you’re clear here, you’ll know where to find your people, what message you need to reach them with, and how to connect with them and their struggles. It will give you a clear direction of how to bring your business into the world in ways that are seen and remembered.

It sounds simple and can be, but sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to do.

Two: Build a Fire

You know that your products or services can be helpful, but without creating a place where your audience feels safe, heard and like they belong… Your customers are going to continue to wander the wildness having never heard that you had the solution to their struggles.

With the help of your compass you’ll know what kind of fire will create that intimacy for your audience.

You will be able to make informed choices on website design and content, what offers make sense, how to engage your people regardless if they are not ready to buy or already your biggest fan, what content to post on your blog or newsletter, etc…

All this so that you can connect to your customers while you’re out making a difference… while you’re eating… even while you’re sleeping.

A warm and welcoming place like this does a lot more than convert visitors to customers… it creates a place where your customers can become a village or a tribe. That leads to loyalty and customers who want to bring their friends to the fire.

Three: Grow your Village

Turn your welcoming fire into a village… Attract more people… Get your village on the map… And become a destination for people from just down the road and distant lands.

This is where you’ll utilize all those online possibilities to engage, collaborate and contribute to a larger community of like-minded people. Only now when you try to grow your village, you’re clear and confident on where to find your people and where to send them when you do. No more wasted time.

You’ll be able to determine what social media makes sense for your audience, who you should be collaborating with, how to turn happy customers into sharing fans, and how to integrate it all with your welcoming fire.

And you can finally enjoy making the difference you set out to make without feeling overwhelmed and drained.

WARNING: Skipping phase one can be dangerous to your business’s health.

Many small businesses get into trouble by going straight into creating a website and building a village. This is not unlike running off into the wilderness without supplies, the right gear, and most important, a compass to guide you. You might get lucky, but chances are you’ll end up lost, scared, and paying for an embarrassing and expensive medevac to save your butt.

You’ve worked really hard on your business. By following these three phases, you will give your branding strategy the best chance of attracting more customers… people who need the solution that you’re offering to the world.

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