Dream to Reality Branding

Personal Branding – Making Dreams Come True

Dream to Reality Branding

Have you ALWAYS dreamed of being a dancer? Maybe you want to be Conan O’Brien? Or how about an astronaut… an editor… a scientist… an engineer… a professor… a marketing guru…?

You know you’ve found your passion when NOTHING else will do. When you’ll do ANYTHING to achieve it!

But do you ever worry that it WON’T become a REALITY? Does it seem like “who you know” matters more than “what you can do” … And you don’t seem to know this “who” person that makes all things right in the world?

T4Execs’ customized Overcome-The-Obstacles-Of-Making-Your-Dream-Come-True-Branding package has helped people DRAMATICALLY create more opportunities.

Here’s how it works:

Teaches you that having a good story trumps ALL the experience in the world. Don’t believe me?

What’s the ONLY man made object you can see from space???

… It turns out the Man on the Moon does NOT have a view of the Great Wall of China…. It’s like 15 feet wide. Seriously — Think about it… How wide is your house?

What’s my point?

Well someone told a good story. You REMEMBERED it… You BELIEVED it… And it was COMPLETELY FALSE!

(I know… CRAZY. But don’t feel bad for being duped. When I found out, I was shocked like a kid who dropped his ice cream on the ground!)

That’s the power of a good story. Think of what branding yourself with that kind of story can do for you.

Your customized package could include any or all of the following:

  • Your Great-Wall-of-China Story so no one EVER forgets you.
  • A Social Media ACTION Plan to SOUND your story louder than you can SCREEEEAAAM at the top of your lungs… from the TAAAALLEST mountain… or the LOOOOOONGEST wall in the world!
  • An Online Networking Plan to meet the “who’s” that make the world go round.
  • A MEMORABLE resume and cover letter. Face it - they are still important.
  • Interview Coaching – learn how to tell the story YOU WANT regardless of the questions asked.
  • And more…

So, if you KNOW what you want to be when you “grow up”, but DON’T know:

How to get noticed…

How to overcome the Infamous Gate Keepers…

How to use social media for anything other than shooting the… STUFF.


You will become a man… or woman… with a plan. You’ll be taking tangible steps towards making your dream a REALITY.

This package will have your story IMPRINTED in bold, CAPITAL letters on the minds of the influential “who’s” that can open that door… so YOU can walk through it.

You won’t have to wait for days, Weeks, MONTHS by the phone wondering why they haven’t called you back.

Sound like YOUR dream come true?

Then here’s whatchya need to do to begin your branding journey:

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6. You start taking steps… Correction LEEEAAAPS toward making your DREAM come true.

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Schuyler Kaye – Online Branding Expert

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Client Testimonials

  • ~ Erin O’Brien, Owner of Activate 28

    Erin Testimonial Pic"Schuyler’s been helping me with my website. But it’s more than just words — he’s helping me define my story. When I shared my long rambling About page, he cut through the waffle. Like a laser, he got to the important parts: “So, these are the three key points I’m hearing. Is that what you’re meaning? And how does that relate to your customer?” Then he would ask the tough questions that really made me get clear on my purpose. Although he asks tough questions, he always delivered them gently. I discovered that when writing my own story, it’s really REALLY hard to be objective. Having the input of Schuyler made the process a lot more enjoyable. And my webcopy is much stronger because of him."

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