Couch Confessionals

Want to create visibility and attract more clients without costing you more time?

Your online presence can do just that! That’s why we have 7 days, 7 small business heroes, and 7 lessons all at no cost to you.

As a small business owner, you’re always looking for new and better ideas on how to attract more customers with your online presence. In many ways the marketing you do online can be the difference between making an impact in the world and going back to work for some company to make ends meet.

You don’t have the time to learn it the hard way. So you sign up for webinars, teleconferences, newsletters, and so on… all in the hopes of avoiding mistakes and fast tracking your business to success.

But where do you find the time to digest all this information?

And even when you do find an hour or two to dedicate your time to these events you find yourself wondering… “How do I apply this?” or something inside of you is asking, “Should I even apply this?”

What you need is a way to receive that information quickly and steps on how to apply it in a way that feels authentic – so that you can get back to helping your customers.

I present to you — Couch Confessionals of a Small Business Hero!

Couch Confessionals

7 Days in September: Every Tuesday and Thursday morning from September 3-24 you’ll receive a 4-minute video that will help you to improve your online presence.

7 Small Business Heroes: In this series you’ll hear personal stories from colleagues of mine on how they have found or applied their voice to their online presence in a way that feels authentic and is effective at attracting more of the right customers.

These people make it their business to help business owners like you. They’ve traveled the path you’re seeking and will share those stories from the comfort of their living rooms to help you find your way.

(You may or may not see one chillin’ in La-Z-Boy sporting their pj’s)

7 Lessons Learned the Easy Way: Stories are proven to be easy for the human brain to quickly absorb, understand, and remember. In fact, it is the use of storytelling that makes it possible to deliver this valuable information in less than four minutes.

That means by the time you’d be finishing a typical webinar, you’ll have already implemented the lesson and returned to doing the work you’re so passionate about doing.

7 Ways to Authentically Improve Your Online Presence: It’s time to go behind the scenes… Each presenter will share the steps they took to use their online presence as a bridge between what was in their heart and what their customers needed to see.

Speaking of which… here are our small business heroes now:

  • Day 1 – Ari Meisel – Using Evernote as Your External Brain. Ari will share how Evernote that enables you to capture your ideas in a way that ensures you remember them when you need to most.
  • Day 2 – Audrey Seymour – Your True Purpose and Your Tagline. Audrey talks about incorporating your purpose into your tagline and the power it has to attract new clients.
  • Day 3 – Peter Sterlacci – How Being Lazy Can Attract More Customers. Peter will describe how he was able to drastically increase his readership by being lazy.
  • Day 4 – Jules Taggart – How To Ask for the Best Testimonial You’ve Ever Had. Jules walks you through how to help your customer give you the testimonial you’ve always wanted.
  • Day 5 – Sue Kearney – How To Make Authentic Connections Through Social Media. Sue explains how she uses gratitude, generosity, and social media to make authentic connections with the right people.
  • Day 6 – Schuyler Kaye (Yep that’s me!) – Finding the Perfect Name for Your Business. I’ll share a process on how you can find a name that not only feels right, but will also be a good fit for your business as it evolves and grows.
  • Day 7 – Kimberly Bordonaro - How to Bring The Party Rock to Your Boring Brand. Kimberly’s story about how a simple mind-shift can transform your business from boring to beguiling, you’ll learn how to get your brand noticed (especially in a saturated market).

7 Free Opportunities: Each of these videos is a new opportunity for you to support your mission of making an impact in world through your business. But an opportunity without action isn’t going to help you do any good.

This is where you come in… You want to reap the benefits? Then schedule 25-30 minutes each Tuesday and Thursday to implement the lessons you learn. To help you do this, I’ll be providing you with a “Get Off the Couch and Implement This” worksheet for free.

Why am I doing this?

Mad ScientistI’ll be honest. If there is one thing I miss about a corporate environment, it is being a part of a team. Being a solo entrepreneur can feel a bit like you’re a mad scientist who never leaves his lab while trying to cure the world of disease.

This is my attempt to bring a “team” of individuals together with the common purpose of helping you attract more customers with your online presence.

Do something good for the community + get to know a lot of cool people = nothing but good things.

It’s time to get off the couch and improve your online presence with this free series

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Client Testimonials

  • ~ Holly Woods, Owner at Holly Woods Coaching

    Holly Testimonial Pic"I gained some insights and ideas from Schuyler in this one-hour phone call that I hadn’t gained from taking several other courses- including a guest blogging course from the king of blogging and a marketing course from an online diva. Schuyler’s emphasis on making your work tangible and useful for people really hit home for me. I know exactly what the next thing on my to do list needs to be. Schuyler is a very real, kind and thoughtful person who’s decided that helping people create their business branding from their stories is a worthwhile endeavor. Lucky for us. Don’t miss this chance to talk to Schuyler."

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