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Finding the right information can take forever. Fortunately, Yahoo has a great tool called Yahoo Pipes. In it’s simplest form, it allows you to combine various sources of information, run them through a filter, and send the results to any RSS reader, email, or even your mobile phone. Using these pipes, I have reduced the amount of time I spent gathering information from hours to minutes. Here are three tutorials on how you can do the same.

Tutorial 1: The Simple Pipe – will combine 3 blog feeds, filter the content of their posts, and send the results in an email.

Tutorial 2: PostRank.com – is a website that ranks blog posts based on their activity. Here we will use PostRank to gather popular blog posts, filter them based on their content, sort them by rank, and deliver the results in a easy to read format.

Tutorial 3: Twitter Search – uses search.twitter.com to create a feed for tweets based on a set of search criteria. We will then use Yahoo Pipes to deliver the results to your medium of choice in an easy to read format.

These are some pretty basic ways to modify RSS feeds into showing the information you really want. If you’re interested in taking it even further, Dawn Foster at Fast Wonder is an expert in the matter. Check out her talk at SXSW on Hacking RSS feeds.

Also, checkout this Google Alerts Tutorial to see how it can deliver the latest news, and let you know when a new member of your target audience signs up on Twitter.

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Have you experienced any of these during your business adventures?

I’ve been hearing these four frustrations a lot lately:

  • You feel like your brand, your niche, or even what you do just doesn’t fit right. It’s fine, but you want your business to be comfortable, look great, and allow you to grow.
  • Marketing your business just doesn't work like it should or like it does for other people.
  • You hustle your ass off to attract new customers, but there’s no way to sustain it long term.
  • There's so much crap on your plate right now, and you don't know what the next step should be. Pure overwhelm!

If any of these has you nodding your head, then take advantage of my thirty day challenge where I’m going to help 30 people for free, but only until July 10th.

It’s pretty simple, once you sign up we’ll just hop on the phone/skype for 23 minutes and brainstorm some solutions to your situation.

Sign up here and for a time that works for you.

Sometimes all it takes is another person to bounce ideas off of, don’t let this opportunity go to waste.

Explosive Business Brainstorming Sessions

"The Power of Stories" Serve Your Business & Enhance Your Marketing with This Free Workbook & eLetter
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Client Testimonials

  • ~ Jill Michalsky, Co-Founder of the LatticeWorks Dance Collective

    Jill's Testimonial Picture"If I’m completely honest, when we first started working together I wasn’t fully sure of my mission or my ability to make it happen. The work we did on my story helped me find deeper meaning in my passion for dance and my role in bringing it to the world. When things did come up you had a way to troubleshoot my problems… always asking questions I hadn’t asked myself and then helping me work through those to get clearer on what was truly important. After our sessions I always felt 100% better! I appreciate how you were able to draw on my dance expertise… you didn’t know my industry, but you were still able to help me communicate all this through my online presence in a way that had people responding. The whole experience was very professional and a supportive environment. I never felt awkward about reaching out between sessions for help or feedback. Your responses felt generous and thoughtful. I will always appreciate the time and energy you spent working with me, and will continue to use the tools you taught me to more forward with my dance company!"

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"The Power of Stories"
Serve Your Business & Enhance Your Marketing with This Free Workbook & eLetter
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