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Schuyler Kaye (Founder of Purpose Compass)

Schuyler Kaye

I help small business owners who want to make a difference and need to attract more customers with their online presence.

I’ve been in the business of branding since I decided being a short, fat, nerdy high schooler wasn’t the way to start college. So I joined football…

(Think cheerleader jumping up and down on the bench… only with shoulder pads and a helmet instead of pompoms.)

In the beginning it wasn’t always pretty, but by the time I got to college I had effectively shifted my personal brand from a short, fat, nerdy kid… to a tall, athletic, guy who still had an inner nerd that was luckily appreciated in college.

In an attempt to continue to live the story I thought would endear me to others, I became a pro at adapting to my situation while at the same time taking advantage of every opportunity.

Take my Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University. It pretty much guaranteed me a well paying job, but I could still go into any industry that used a computer… It allowed me to satisfy the expectations of my family for security, while keeping the door open should I find my passion.

For a number of years I successfully navigated that tightrope, balancing my need for acceptance of others and my yearning for a purpose I could call my own. Until one day, at what seemed like miles above the ground, I came crashing down.

I’d broken up with the Fortune 100 Company that I worked at for 6 years and was “dating” five different business ideas at the same time… Unable to be successful at any of them because I was unable to meet the expectations of all of them, I found myself lost and depressed.

Having no choice I explored my own life with reckless abandon to find a clue, a direction, something that was only dependent on God and myself.

(You might say my life was flashing before my eyes as I fell from the rope ;-) )

Uncovering my story revealed my purpose, and that clarity has effortlessly guided me since. I still walk the line of communicating what’s in my heart in a way that resonates with my customers. Only Instead of being miles up in the sky and balancing on the whims of my customers, I’m grounded by my purpose.

Today I combine my:

  • Innate talent for teaching that I inherited from having parents who were teachers
  • Ability to logically solve problems in a repeatable way gained from my career in computer science
  • Intuitive sense of knowing when to push and when to create space for people honed by years of walking the tightrope
  • Skills at leveraging technology to influence people’s decisions acquired during my graduate work at Stanford University
  • Spiritual practices I use to look inward and towards God instead of searching for acceptance from others
  • Belief that creating a business can be one of the best ways to discover and fulfill your purpose

All to guide small business owners in finding a brand that feels authentic to their hearts and is effective at attracting the right customers with their online presence.

When not working I’ve been known to tell stories through the songs I write, though I’d admit that I may have picked up guitar to brand myself with the ladies. I hope to travel to more countries than I am years old, and I eat more green chile than is generally advisable.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out and say hi. I’m on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, and of course, I would love to hear your comments on my blog.

P.S. Here are a couple videos from my wedding, in case you’d like to get to know a little more about my family and me. I warn you, these aren’t your typical wedding videos!


Story of Us

Wedding Highlight Real


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Client Testimonials

  • ~ Jill Michalsky, Co-Founder of the LatticeWorks Dance Collective

    Jill's Testimonial Picture"If I’m completely honest, when we first started working together I wasn’t fully sure of my mission or my ability to make it happen. The work we did on my story helped me find deeper meaning in my passion for dance and my role in bringing it to the world. When things did come up you had a way to troubleshoot my problems… always asking questions I hadn’t asked myself and then helping me work through those to get clearer on what was truly important. After our sessions I always felt 100% better! I appreciate how you were able to draw on my dance expertise… you didn’t know my industry, but you were still able to help me communicate all this through my online presence in a way that had people responding. The whole experience was very professional and a supportive environment. I never felt awkward about reaching out between sessions for help or feedback. Your responses felt generous and thoughtful. I will always appreciate the time and energy you spent working with me, and will continue to use the tools you taught me to more forward with my dance company!"

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